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How to Remove Background From Images

If you have an image and would like to remove background from it then this article will provide you with the exact steps you need to take. Specifically I'll discuss removing of grey scale, traces of dirt and smudges from a hard drive and the loss of contrast on a brightly colored background. It's surprising how many images suffer from bad editing and removing of background from images. Here's what you can do...

There are two ways of doing this, firstly with a Photoshop tool and secondly using the command-line method. Both have their pros and cons. To remove background from image with Photoshop, simply open the file that you want to adjust and go into the adjustment panel. Click on 'ICC profile' and then click on the tab that says 'temp'.

Here you'll find the current settings (this will vary depending on your computer), choose the one which is shown as white and click OK. To alter the color or contrast, choose black or gray and click OK. After you've done that save the image and repeat the process for the other images in the series. It doesn't matter how big the images are or how many you have. The steps are exactly the same for each image. Now here's where things start to get a little tricky.

The problem with Photoshop is that if you use the delete tool and then try to edit another image, Photoshop will not let you do so. Instead you'll see a message stating that you'd better remove this background. If you still want to remove the background from an image then you could try one of the many tools provided by Photoshop to get rid of the background from an image. One such tool is the 'remove background from image'. This will restore the background to the image you wanted to edit.

You could also try the built in 'remove background from image' which is also located in the 'effects' section. Here you'll find the image remove tool along with several other useful tools. You need to be careful when using the tools as some of them can actually destroy your image. After you've used the image remove tool on your image, save the image and try the same process as you did before. You should now see the background once more.

There are two problems with Photoshop. The first is that it's unable to load many common files which are required by other applications and the second is that if you use the delete tool on an image and then save the image, the background will be shown again. In fact, this is a known Photoshop bug and you can see it when you right click on an image and see the option 'save image as'. This prevents you from being able to edit the image once you've saved it.